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Dylan Cartlidge in “‘Anything Could Happen”

16 Marzo 2021

Premiered by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, ‘Anything Could Happen’ is the upbeat release from North-East England’s alternative hip-hop and indie crossover rising star Dylan Cartlidge. The track is the first offering from Dylan’s collaboration with producer Eg White (Adele, Florence + The Machine, Sam Smith).

A wholesome track to remind us that ‘Anything Could Happen’, the release is gospel influenced indie-pop and the perfect uplifting tune for Spring 2021 to help encourage listeners to take positive steps each day.Written and created during the dark times of the third UK Covid-19 lockdown, the track soars to deliver Dylan’s characteristically hopeful message through adversity.

Speaking on‘Anything Could Happen’, Dylan said,“I wrote this track during the third Covid-19 lockdown after I’d been shielding at home for 7 months, feeling fed up at not seeing my loved ones and struggling with my mental health. I focussed on my mantra of ‘Hope Above Adversity’ and I created the track to remind myself that with a bit of hope and courage, and if you put one foot in front of the other, anything really could happen!”

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