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AMARA ctk100 Jelly

8 Giugno 2021

AMARA ctk100 comes back with her new single “Jelly”, a fun, bass-heavy and bouncy song bending the boundaries between pop and beats.
The song takes its name from the British/Australian term for the US “Jell-O” and is also slang for “jealous”, it is humourously sarcastic view of people who look enviously at others,”wobbling about” and not standing up for their own ideas/opinions.
“Swaying from one thing to the next, like the sweet, soft, easy to see-through, brightly coloured food, that mainly consists of sugar and shakes when moved, even in the slightest”
As a child, AMARA was a classical opera trained singer and at a very young age appeared as a soprano in musicals and choirs. She quickly got bored singing what others had written hundreds of years ago.and decided to create her own music.
At home she was surrounded by her dad’s paintings, and guitars. Playing Led Zeppelin songs with her dad on his Fender strat and going to Dj Bobo shows with her mum.
Growing up in a small town in the remote Swiss mountains and being too shy to ask people to play with her, she started making beats on her laptop.The mix of influences and musical contrasts in her upbringing, reflect in her unique vocal style and approach to vocal arrangements.

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